Nancy J. Knapp


Nancy’s artistic flair and creativity have long been expressed in a wide variety of mediums.   Her talent for using vibrant colors, sensuous textures,  bold fabrics and a wide variety of products and accessories to create highly appealing environments provided the impetus for a long career in the design field.

She developed a very successful design business that saw her work displayed in banks, medical offices, dental offices, restaurants, churches, schools, corporate offices and high end residences.  However, the creative energy and desire to fulfill the need for self expression and sharing of her soul kept pushing her in new and different ways.

She used her passion and sensitivity in an unanticipated fashion. Over the years  she influenced her  son, Zak Bagans, in his endeavors.   She saw his potential and offered him advice and support.    The end result  was  Zak’s highly successful and award winning documentary film “Ghost Adventures” that was shown on the Sci-Fi channel.  The success of the documentary was recognized by the Travel Channel and Zak , and the Ghost Adventures Crew, were signed up to develop a new show by the same name.  Zak is now the host and executive producer of “Ghost Adventures” the highly successful hit series on the Travel Channel.  “Ghost Adventures” travels the world in researching the paranormal.  Passion  runs in the family!  

Traveling have always been a central theme throughout Nancy’s personal and professional life.  Whether it was a boating adventure on the Gulf Coast of Florida;  a summer of photography at her Lake Tahoe condo;  her time spent studying art and painting in New Zealand;  photographic adventures in Thailand and Viet Nam, or sculpturing in Las Vegas,  she new she must share her experiences with others.  

Sharing the joy, vibrancy and uplifting nature of her art is the ultimate compliment to her creative energy.


Nancy & Son, Zak